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Troubleshoot problems with dropped connections, authentication errors and more.

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Cannot Connect to WVU's Encrypted Wireless Network

Troubleshooting problems with connecting to the wireless server.

Delete a Wireless Configuration from an iOS or Android Device

Steps for deleting a wireless network from an iOS or Android device.

Problems Accessing WVU Websites from Outside WVU

How to access WVU websites from outside WVU if you are having problems.

Unable to Connect to Wireless with Windows 10 Computer

Windows 10 computers may require updates before connecting to wireless. Learn where to find assistance with completing these updates and connecting your computer.

View WVU Websites Using a Mobile Device

How to access common WVU websites and apps on a mobile device.

WVU Wireless at the Coliseum During Events

User is attending an event at the WVU Coliseum and cannot connect to WVU.Encrypted.

WVU Wireless Connection Dropped

Troubleshoot a dropped wireless connection.