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Telephone support and training manuals, TIDs, VoIP, international calling, forwarding calls, 598 phone prefix and more.

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598 Phone Number Support

598 phone numbers are supported by Ruby Memorial Hospital.

Cisco 7961 Phone Manual

Link to manual for Cisco 7961 VOIP phones.

Cisco Phone Menu Updating Error

What to do if you have an updating error for your Cisco phone.

Forward All Calls to Another Number

How to forward all calls from your Cisco VoIP phone to another number.

Install and Sign Into Cisco Jabber for Windows

Steps for installing and signing into Cisco Jabber for Windows.

New 581 Telephone Exchange Added on Campus

Direct dialing telephone numbers with on-campus phones.

Place a Call From a Cisco Phone

How to make calls from a Cisco phone, including business-related international calls.

Place a Conference Call from a VoIP Phone

Steps for placing a conference call and conference account information.

Telecommunication Information and WVU Policies

Telecommunication policies, information and user manuals.

Telephone & Jabber Accessory Recommendations

Learn about products that work well with telephone services on campus.

Telephone Repairs

Information on telephone repairs and work requests.

TIDs and Calling Cards

How to get TIDs and calling cards for business-related calls.

Unable to Sign Into Cisco Jabber

Follow these steps if you receive the error message "Cannot find your services automatically" and are unable to sign into Cisco Jabber.

VoIP Cisco Phone and Voicemail

VoIP Cisco 7961 telephone user guide and voicemail brochure.


List of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) FAQ.

WVU Telephone Systems

Benefits of using a VoIP phone, information about long distance service, and how to get a VoIP phone.