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Automic Error Messages

Troubleshooting for Automic (formerly called AppWorx) login errors.

Casper Enrollment Instructions

Instructions for enrolling your device in Casper, the management solution ITS uses to maintain Mac OS X devices.

Electronic Author Agreement System (eAAS)

Information about the Electronic Author Agreement System (eAAS).

Find Your EBO Contact

Link to a list of EBO contacts.

Furniture/Office Equipment

Contact information for furniture that is broken or needs to be moved.

Glossary of ITS Acronyms

Acronyms used by ITS.

Unifier (Primavera Unifier)

How to access the Unifier Facilities and Services application, how to contact the Company Administrator, and where to find Unifier training documents inside the application.

West Virginia University Club

Contact information for University Club.

WVU Retirees Association

Contact information for the WVU Retirees Association and what questions the IT Service Desk can answer for you.