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Logging into Digital Measures and unit contacts.

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Digital Measures' Activity Insight Unit Contacts

Unit contacts who can help users of Digital Measures Activity Insight.

Digital Measures PasteBoard

PasteBoard is a function which allows users to easily copy and paste text into a desired field. It is available on most screens.

Digital Measures Training Manual and Video Guides

Learn where to find training and video guides for Digital Measures and how to request help.

Enter Activity in Digital Measures

How to enter faculty activity into Digital Measures.

Import from Google, Scholar, EndNote or Bibtex

This feature allows you to import files of your citations from a software system or database.

Import from PubMed

This feature of Digital Measures allows you to easily import publication information directly from PubMed.

Log into Digital Measures

Login screen and procedure for Digital Measures.

Run a Productivity Report in Digital Measures

How to run a productivity report.

Submit Your Faculty Productivity Report

How to submit your faculty productivity report in Digital Measures.