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The MasterApps system can be used to access on-campus computing resources, such as network drives and various applications from off-campus locations.

Use your Login credentials to access MasterApps. Employees can ask their supervisors to contact the ITS Service Desk for particular applications.

MasterApps Link:

Articles (19)

How to Automatically Open ICA Files in MasterApps (Citrix)

Steps for automatically opening launch.ica files from your browser.

How to Prevent Installation Prompts in MasterApps (Citrix)

Prevent the Citrix Receiver installation prompt from showing in your browser.

MasterApps for Windows

How to access MasterApps for the first time on your Windows computer.

MasterApps for Mac

How to access MasterApps for the first time on your Mac.

MasterApps for Android

How to access MasterApps for the first time on your Android device.

MasterApps for Apple iOS Devices

How to access MasterApps for the first time on your Apple iOS device.

MasterApps (Citrix) Applications

Applications available through MasterApps.

Change Your MasterApps (Citrix) Settings

Learn how to change your MasterApps (Citrix) settings.

​Integra for Onity Offline Locks​​

Learn how to troubleshoot issues with ​Integra (Onity).

"ICA File Not Found" Error

Learn how to troubleshoot the ICA file not found error on MasterApps login.

Delete the Citrix Client (Online Plug-In)

Learn how to delete the Citrix Client (online plug-in).

Java 7 Issue with Citrix Web Interface

Learn how to troubleshoot a Java 7 Issue with Citrix Web Interface.

MasterApps Expired Session Error

What to do if you receive a session expired error message while trying to use MasterApps.

MasterApps Login Keeps Appearing

Learn how to prevent the Citrix login screen from appearing repeatedly.

Print from MasterApps

Learn how to troubleshoot printing problems in MasterApps.

Request Visio or Project in MasterApps

Learn about requesting Microsoft Visio or Microsoft Project in MasterApps.

SSL Error 61 in MasterApps

What to do if you receive an SSL Error 61 when trying to access MasterApps.

Troubleshoot MasterApps (Citrix) Browser Problems

What to do if MasterApps does not load in Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome.

Use Remote Desktop

Learn how to request and use Remote Desktop.