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Information about STAR INB and the Banner Document Management Suite (BDMS).

Training information is provided by the Office of the University Registrar:

Articles (10)

Access Banner Workflow

Access Banner Workflow through the WVU Portal.

Access the Banner Document Management Suite (BDMS)

How to get authorization for and log into Banner Document Management Suite (BDMS).

Application Blocked By Security Settings Error

What to do if you receive an application blocked or similar error message while trying to access STAR INB.

Banner Campus Codes

A list of student and course campus codes.

Banner Help Center Error

Service Desk information about the Banner Help Center.

Java Information for STAR INB, Workflow, and BDMS

Java Information for BANNER INB, Workflow, and BDMS.

Pop-up Blocker Settings for ApplicationXtender

Automatic log-off problem in ApplicationXtender caused by pop-up blocker settings.

STAR INB and Java Security Alert

What to do if you receive a Java security alert while accessing STAR INB.

STAR INB Supported Browsers

List of supported browsers for STAR INB.

WebXtender Security Certificate Warning

Security certificate warning in WebXtender.