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i>Clicker2 is an audience reponse system that provides the instructor with instant feedback from students.

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Clicker Frequencies

List of frequencies for Clickers by campus.

iClicker Integration With eCampus Doesn't Work

The latest version of iClicker software is required for eCampus integration.

iClicker2 General Information

The campus standard for student response systems is the iClicker2, frequently referred to as clickers. This document provides general information about clickers for faculty and students, including links for additional support.

Register a Clicker

How to register your clicker through eCampus or at

i>Clicker2 Syncing with eCampus Validation Error

Using i>Clicker2 (iclicker or igrader) software version older than 6.4.2 can cause validation errors when you try to sync your class roster or upload points to WVU eCampus.