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Computer browser information, including compatibility issues, deleting browser cache, and more.

Because internet browsers change so often and browser information is easily available online, we provide limited information about internet browsers in our Knowledge Base. If you need additional assistance with internet browsers that is unrelated to WVU policies or accessing WVU websites, we suggest browsing the support site for your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.) or searching online.

When searching, be specific. Be sure to include your browser version and the specific problem. For example, if you need assistance with adjusting the pop-up settings in Google Chrome, search "Google Chrome version 50 pop-up settings."

Articles (16)

Pinned Article WVU Supported Browsers

See the WVU supported web browsers for enterprise applications.

Add WVU Sites to the List of Trusted Sites

How to add websites to the list of trusted sites to fix errors in Internet Explorer.

Change Browser Settings to Allow All Cookies

Learn how to accept cookies for your browser.

Delete Browser Cache Every Time You Close Your Browser

How to set up your browser to automatically delete your history every time you close out of the browser.

Delete Browser Cache Once

How to delete browser cache for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.

Disable All Browser Plugins

How to disable all browser plugins.

Enhancing Search Toolbars with WVU Applications

Issues caused by web enhancing search toolbars.

Firefox Homepage Problem

If your Firefox homepage keeps reverting back to WVU's website, try this solution.

Flash Player Issues With Safari for Mac Sierra

Mac Sierra (10.12) users may experience an issue where Adobe Flash Player versions are blocked by Apple when vulnerabilities are discovered.

Internet Explorer 11 Upgrade

Information Technology Services recently deployed Internet Explorer 11 to desktop computers across campus.

Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode

How to set Internet Explorer to compatibility mode.

Invalid or Bad Proxy Server in Browser

How to remove proxy server settings set by a virus.

Make Your Browser Menu Visible

Learn how to make your menu browser visible.

Private Browsing

Links to vendor information about private browsing.

Runtime Error in Internet Explorer

How to disable debugging in Internet Explorer to prevent error messages.

Safari Compatibility Mode

How to use Safari's compatibility mode.