WVU Alert aka e2Campus is a text messaging service in the event of an emergency on campus. Depending on personal cell phone plans, there may be a nominal fee from the users carrier. WVU does not charge for this service.​

Articles (5)

Change Your Cell Number In WVU Alert (e2Campus)

How to change your cell number in WVU Alert (e2Campus).

Forgot Your WVU Alert e2Campus Login or Password

What to do if you forget your WVU Alert e2Campus login information.

Post an Announcement on the Emergency Alert System

How to get an announcement posted on the WVU emergency alert system.

WVU Alert (e2Campus)

General information about WVU Alert (e2Campus).

WVU Alert (e2campus) Account Expiration Notification

Account expiration notification for e2campus, and how to continue to receive emergency alerts.