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Access, create, and complete evaluation forms and accomplish other tasks through the Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEI) tool.

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Pinned Article Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEI) System Information

General information about WVU's Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEI) software.

Course Evaluation FAQ for Instructors/Coordinators

Have an instructor question for the course evaluation system (SEI)? Check out the course evaluation FAQ for instructors.

Course Evaluation FAQ for Students

Have a student question for the course evaluation system (SEI)? Check out the course evaluation FAQ for students.

eSEI Designee (Former eSEI Tool)

What to do if user is requesting designee (delegate) access to specific eSEI course information.

Former eSEI Tool: "No Survey is Assigned Yet" Message

If an instructor sees "No survey is assigned yet", they have logged into the former eSEI tool. By default, the current term is displayed. No new surveys can be created in the former system.

How to View Archived Reports in SEI

Learn how to access older SEI reports from your SEI dashboard.

Missing Tabs for eSEI (Former eSEI Tool)

What to do if eSEI tabs are missing.

SEI CRN Does Not Match Course CRN

An instructor needs to be properly configured for the course and SEI CRN to match.

SEI Timeline for Summer Courses

Information about SEIs for Summer 2018 courses.

Statistical Report Availability (Former eSEI Tool)

Information about report availability in eSEI.

Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEI) Overview

Information about the new student evaluation of instruction (SEI) tool.

View Survey Reports by Term (Former eSEI Tool)

How to view survey reports from previous terms.

Survey Showing Completed in SEI

Learn why the survey for one of your courses is marked as "Completed" when only a few students have completed and submitted the survey.

Make Changes to a Submitted SEI Survey (for Students)

If you need to make changes to an SEI survey you submitted, you will need to ask the ITS Service Desk to either unsubmit or reset your survey.