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Hardware, Software, and Printing

Printing, software licensing, hardware repair, and browser issues.

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Backup Software

Information about Carbonite Online, SuperDuper, and Time Machine.


Computer browser information, including compatibility issues, deleting browser cache, and more.

Because internet browsers change so often and browser information is easily available online, we provide limited information about internet browsers in our Knowledge Base. If you need additional assistance with internet browsers that is unrelated to WVU policies or accessing WVU websites, we suggest browsing the support site for your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.) or searching online.

When searching, be specific. Be sure to include your browser version and the specific problem. For example, if you need assistance with adjusting the pop-up settings in Google Chrome, search "Google Chrome version 50 pop-up settings."

Computer Repair and Recommendations

Information about Computer Repair and Assistance (CRA), purchase recommendations, and hardware help.


Information about FTP-Depot ( accounts.

IP and MAC Address

How to find the IP and MAC address for your Windows 7 or Mac computer.


Information about Java, including problems, disabling automatic updates, and clearing your Java cache.

Microsoft Office

Word, Excel, and other Microsoft application information. For information about Outlook and Skype for Business, look in the Communication and Collaboration category.

Microsoft Office has a lot of great features that we do not cover extensively in our Knowledge Base, because the information is easily available online. If you need assistance with a Microsoft Office application that is unrelated to access or WVU policies, we suggest browsing the Outlook Support website ( ) or searching online.

When searching, be specific. For example, if you are trying to use a formula in Excel 2013, search for "Excel 2013" plus the specific formula. If you cannot find the information you need, try adjusting the keywords you are using in your search.

Printing and Copying

MyPrinting, Konica Minolta copiers, and other printing information.

Software Licensing (SLIC)

Software Licensing Information Center (SLIC) and other software information.

Additional Information

Don't see a category for what you need? Browse our miscellaneous Hardware, Software, and Printing articles.