LISTSERV is an electronic mail management application that makes it possible to create, manage, and control electronic mailing lists.

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Common questions about LISTSERV.

LISTSERV Procedures

IT procedures for LISTSERV. The purpose of the L-Soft LISTSERV server at West Virginia University is to provide an electronic communications tool for the faculty, staff, and students of West Virginia University.


A brief overview of what LISTSERV is and where to find information outside of our Knowledge Base.

Request a New LISTSERV List

Directions for requesting a LISTSERV list using our automated system.

Subscribe or Unsubscribe to a WVU LISTSERV List

Instructions for subscribing to open and closed WVU LISTSERV lists.

Cannot Post to LISTSERV List

Information about why posts are rejected and troubleshooting options.

Create or Remove a Predefined Subject Line Tag for a LISTSERV List

How to add and remove subject line tags to messages sent to LISTSERV mailing list subscribers. The tag appears at the beginning of the subject line in square brackets.

Creating a LISTSERV Subscription List from an Excel Spreadsheet

Learn how to format an Excel spreadsheet to easily add subscribers to a LISTSERV subscription list.

How to Add or Remove LISTSERV List Owners and Change Management Roles

LISTSERV list owners can add or remove owners and change other management roles.

How to Configure Settings to Receive Full Copies of Messages

LISTSERV owners can specify posters to receive full copies of their messages.

LISTSERV Account Passwords

Rules for creating new LISTSERV passwords.

LISTSERV Owners Can Add, Remove and Edit Subscribers

How to add, remove, or edit subscribers.


Information about LISTSERV roles.

Log Into LISTSERV for the First Time

Steps for logging into LISTSERV for the first time.

Not Receiving Messages from a LISTSERV List

Possible reasons for not receiving messages from a LISTSERV list and troubleshooting options.

Why LISTSERV Owners Receive Monitoring Reports

Information about monitoring reports.