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Non-module specific WVU+kc information including system errors and browser compatibility.

WVU+kc allows for the submission of IRB protocols, proposals to external sponsors, and provides electronic award notices. Additional information about using specific modules of WVU+kc can be found in the Human Subject Research, Proposal Development and Award Initiation & Management sections of Discovery & Research.

Articles (12)

WVU+kc Monthly Tips

Browse the monthly tips sent to WVU+kc users.

Cannot Log into WVU+kc

What to do if you cannot log into WVU+kc.

Dashboard Menu Bar

Information about the menu bar located on the WVU+kc dashboard.

Dashboard News Feed

Information about the news feed and its actions on the WVU+kc dashboard.

Dashboard Research Activity Lists

Information on the uses and functions of research activity lists.

Non-Employee Cannot Log Into WVU+kc

What to do if you are a non-employee that cannot claim your Login account or is receiving the "...not an active kuali user" error message.

Recommended Browsers for WVU+kc

A list of the recommended browsers for WVU+kc and what to do if you cannot access WVU+kc in one of the recommended browsers.

Search in WVU+kc

Tips for searching for documents, people or places within the WVU+kc electronic research administration system.

Wrong Email Address in the WVU+kc System

What to do if you are not receiving emails from WVU+kc.

WVU+kc Currently Unavailable Message

Fix for WVU+kc system undergoing maintenance error.

WVU+kc Dashboard FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the WVU+kc dashboard.

WVU+kc General Errors (Cannot Access System)

What to do if you receive an error message while using WVU+kc.