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WVU students request tickets for football games and men’s basketball games through an online student ticket account at

The process for requesting, claiming and printing tickets is the same for football and men’s basketball games.

Articles (29)

2017 Football Schedule

WVU Football student ticketing timeline.

Men's Basketball Home Game Schedule 2017-2018

WVU Men's Basketball student ticketing timeline.

Requesting a Student Ticket for the First Time

General information about getting football tickets for home games.

Mountaineer Maniacs Tickets

How to get WVU Football and Basketball tickets as a Maniac member.

Cannot Use the Forgot Username or Password Link in TicketReturn

What to do if the forgot password link on the TicketReturn website does not work.

Athletic Tickets at a Glance

Information about ticket distribution periods and loyalty points.

Away Game Ticket Requests

How to request a student ticket for an away game.

Baseball Schedule

Information about WVU Baseball tickets.

Baseball Tickets for Students

WVU Baseball ticket information for students.

Cannot Claim Student Ticket

How to claim your student ticket in TicketReturn.

Card Charged Multiple Times for a Guest Ticket

Contact for if you are charged multiple times for a guest ticket.

Child Tickets for Football Games

Everyone needs a ticket for admission to WVU Football games.

Cookies Are Not Enabled in TicketReturn Error

Troubleshooting for TicketReturn cookies error.

Error in Pricing for Student Tickets

Troubleshooting for "Error in Pricing" message when purchasing student or guest tickets.

Gold vs. Blue Spring Game Tickets

How to get more information about the Gold vs. Blue spring game.

Guest Football Tickets

Information about guest football tickets, including how to get a guest ticket.

Lottery for WVU Student Tickets

The lottery process for WVU Football and Basketball games.

Mobile Connection to Student Ticketing Website (TicketReturn)

Information about accessing TicketReturn using a mobile device.

Mountaineer Mail (

Mountaineer Mail is a mailing list for WVU athletic events. Learn how to sign up, edit the emails you receive, and unsubscribe.

Print Your Student Ticket

Instructions on printing your basketball or football ticket.

Purchase Non-Student Football Tickets

How to purchase non-student tickets for WVU Football games.

Regional Campus Requests for Football Tickets

How regional campus students can get a ticket to a WVU Football game.

Request Basketball Tickets

How to request basketball tickets.

Student Seating Information for WVU Football

Student seating information for Milan Puskar Stadium.

TicketReturn Email Notifications

Steps for adding or disabling email notifications from TicketReturn.

TicketReturn Error Messages

Troubleshooting for error messages in TicketReturn.

TicketReturn Login and Password Problems

Solutions to login and password problems with WVU's online ticketing system.

TicketReturn Loyalty Points

How to get more information about the loyalty point system for WVU games.

TicketReturn News Feed and Twitter Banner

Contact information for questions about the news feed or Twitter banner on the TicketReturn website.