Information about software for University and personal devices.

Did you know you can get FREE software? All WVU students, faculty and staff can download Microsoft Office at no cost. WVU students can also get MATLAB and Autodesk for free. Go to to learn more about free and discounted software.

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Academic & Research Software Articles

Information about AutoCAD, MATLAB, EndNote, SAS and JMP, SPSS and academic software vendors.

Adobe Software Articles

Information about Adobe products.

Microsoft Office Articles

Word, Excel and other Microsoft application information. For information about Outlook and Skype for Business, look in the Communication and Collaboration category.

Microsoft Office has a lot of great features that we do not cover extensively in our Knowledge Base, because the information is easily available online. If you need assistance with a Microsoft Office application that is unrelated to access or WVU policies, we suggest browsing the Outlook Support website ( ) or searching online.

When searching, be specific. For example, if you are trying to use a formula in Excel 2013, search for "Excel 2013" plus the specific formula. If you cannot find the information you need, try adjusting the keywords you are using in your search.

Software Licensing Articles

Software Licensing Information Center (SLIC) and other software information.

Windows Software Center & Mac Self Service Articles

Information about Window 10's Software Center and Self Service for Mac.