Learn about Mountaineer Marketplace, WVU's online purchasing tool.

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Getting Started with Mountaineer Marketplace

See a short overview movie and learn how to set up favorites (shipping addresses, accounts, cart assignees), how to set up an email approval code, and how to choose your notification method.

Non-Transactional Forms

See instructions on completing the PCard Application and PCard Maintenance forms, and the Solicitation Request form.

Shopping & Receiving

Learn how to purchase and receive items, and make changes to existing orders.

Approving Carts in Mountaineer Marketplace

See instructions on reviewing and approving/returning a Requisition, setting up an email approval code, and delegating your tasks to a colleague.

Paying an Invoice & Departmental Refund

See instructions on forms for confirming orders, departmental refunds, and direct pay, lease, and utility payments.

Running Reports in Mountaineer Marketplace

See instructions on running reports and creating/managing export report templates.

WVU Funds Transfers

See instructions on cash and internal transfers, and transfers between bank accounts.