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Information and troubleshooting for time card errors in the MyTime application.

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Edit a Time Card

Supervisors and EBOs can make changes to employee time cards. Changes can be made to the current pay period or for two most recently closed pay periods.

Error: 500 Element Not Eligible (tech only) (under review)

How to assign and troubleshoot this error message.

Time Card (MyTime) FAQ

If you have questions about electronic Time Cards in the MyTime application, check our FAQ.

Time Card Punches for Multiple Assignments

Employees with multiple assignments may need to wait a few minutes between clocking out of one assignment and in to another.

Application Description for Time Card

The Time Card application in MyTime allows hourly employees to view their recorded work hours and the amounts they will be paid.

View Your Time Card (for Employees)

Training materials for viewing your time card as an employee, viewing the employee pay report, and getting compensatory time off.

Details on Employee's Time Card Do Not Show

Troubleshooting for supervisors if employee's time card does not show pay period and information about employee.

Emergency Call-In Not Showing on Time Card

What to do if your emergency call back time is not showing on your time card.

Fault Errors Pulling Up Time Cards

Learn why you are receiving fault errors when opening the MyTime Time Card system.

Leave Entry on Time Card in Error

What to do if there's an error with leave entry on a time card.

Missing Time Card Punch from Switching Browser

If you use a Mac and are missing a punch on your time card, it may be from switching browsers.

Overlapping Time Error

What to do if there are two time entries for the same day and time on an employee's time card.

Procedure for Clocking Emergency Call-In Time

How to clock your time for emergency call-in events.

Refresh a Time Card

Learn how to refresh a time card that appears in Error after approval.

Supervisor Cannot See Employee's Time Card

What to do if you cannot pull up your employee’s time card.

Time Card and Leave Request System Errors

What to do if you are receiving a "No LRS application responsibility found" error or the employee pane is not viewable in the Leave Request System.

Time Entry Showing That Employee Did Not Enter

A time entry has appeared on an employee's time card that was not entered.

Unable to Select Previous Pay Cycle

User cannot select a previous pay cycle from the drop-down list.