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MyAccess ( is an employee portal providing a one-stop location with a single login for a wide range of WVU employee applications.

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Categories (8)

MyAccess FAQ and Login Articles

Information about how to access and use MyAccess.

Leave Request System in MyTime Articles

Information and troubleshooting information for the Leave Request system in MyTime.

MyHR Articles

Accessing MyHR and updating your contact information.

MyHR is accessed through . Courtesy assignments have this tab as well; however, some of the information being pulled is not maintained in MAP and will not be viewable.

Mailing addresses and phone numbers can be updated using the Personal Information link on the 'MyHR' tab.

MyTime Designee Articles

Information about MyTime designees and troubleshooting for designee-related errors.

Time Card in MyTime Articles

Information and troubleshooting for time card errors in the MyTime application.

Time Clock Articles

Information about using the time clocks located across campus.

Web Clock in MyTime Articles

Information about using the web clock to record work hours in the MyTime application.

Additional MyAccess, MyTime & MyHR Topics

Miscellaneous troubleshooting information for MyAccess, including MyTime application descriptions and clearing the flash cache to resolve problems.