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Authentication and access to WVU academic and administrative systems, including Login. Login is the identity management system used by WVU and many WVU affiliates. It ensures that each person has a unique set of credentials to gain access to numerous University systems, including eCampus, Libraries, Portal, WVU+kc and WVU.Encrypted wireless, as well as a number of WVU Medicine systems.

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Login Account & Password Articles account information, including how to activate and reset or reclaim your account.

Two-Factor Authentication (Duo) Articles

Duo is the name of the software WVU uses for authentication of your login to secure services. It provides a second layer of security in addition to your Login password. You can ensure extra security for your account by confirming your identity in two ways – with something you KNOW and something you HAVE.

Duo two-factor authentication allows you to choose one of several methods to confirm your identity. The most popular method is a “push” notification to your smart phone, which pops up a message on your phone that you can touch to confirm you are currently requesting access to a WVU system. The Duo app is free to download and is available for Apple, Android and Windows devices. If you do not carry a cell phone, you can also purchase a token device that will allow you to authenticate at the touch of a button.

Watch the Two-Factor Authentication introduction video to learn more about the enrollment and setup process: