Report Requests


Many of the most commonly needed reports are available in the administrative system on which they are based. Use this service to make requests for reports in Argos, MyReports, WVU+kc, MAP, or CSGold. Submit a ticket and select the type of report assistance you need:

  • Modify an existing report: Request to add or remove fields, filters, calculations, etc., from existing reports.
  • New report creation: Request a new report in the systems above.
  • Report an issue (error/bug): Describe the report issue or error for assistance.
  • Run an existing report (data request): Request data from an existing report.

Note: Access to the data presented in the report will depend on the confidentiality of the data and your business need for that data.


Anyone may request the creation of a new report.


There is no charge to use this service.

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