WVU Sponsored Account Support


Login accounts give users a unique set of credentials to access WVU systems. WVU employees can request, extend or remove existing Login accounts for vendors, visitors, consultants, and other guests at login.wvu.edu/sponsored. You must be connected to the GlobalProtect VPN to access this site. More information about this service can be found in the article Sponsored Accounts for Guests, Vendors or Others.

To request assistance with a pending account or using the sponsored account site, click submit a ticket.

If you have more than ten people to add, you can use the spreadsheet attached to this service and sent it to iam@mail.wvu.edu using LiquidFiles. Review our LiquidFiles FAQ for information about using this service. 


WVU employees may request assistance using login.wvu.edu/sponsored.


There is no charge to request or use this service.


Submit a Ticket

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