Employee Extended Access


Supervisors may request that an individual leaving the University be granted access to specific University Information Systems beyond their last date of employment with the University. However, access will only be granted for valid business needs and will not be granted if the extended access violates the Fair Labor Standards Act. All requests will require additional approval by Talent & Culture and/or Office of General Counsel. Approval is not guaranteed and will not be granted for more than 30 days.

Submit a ticket to get started. Supervisors have one of two options:

  • Request supervisor access to the individual’s O365 email account: This is the ITS’ preferred request and will provide supervisor direct access to the departing individual’s email account to respond to emails received up to 30 days after the employee leaves the University.

  • Request departing employee access to O365 email account: This request will provide the departing employee extended access to their WVU email account. ITS recommends setting up an away message and automatic forwarding of emails to supervisor instead of requesting to extend information system access to a non-University employee. Any email sent to the employee’s email account will automatically provide the new WVU point of contact and forward to supervisor for 30 days after the individual leaves the University.


Faculty and staff supervisors at the WVU Morgantown campus, Potomac State College, WVU Tech or WVU Research Corporation may use this service. HSC users should contact the HSC Service Desk.


There is no charge to request or use this service.

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