Special Card Request


Those visiting campus for a conference or camp may request a special card for access to electronic door locks, Mountie Bounty and other services while they are here. This form is for the conference organizer/sponsor to complete.

Note: Individual attendees should not complete this form.

The information you provided will be used to calculate the fees for producing these cards, based on the Cost section below. Please use the spreadsheet attached to the this service for your list of attendees. DO NOT include any Social Security Numbers, birthdates or other personal information.

Submit a ticket to get started.

Cards needing Mountie Bounty for access to laundry, vending machines, etc. require a separate Account Login Request to be submitted and a requisition processed through Mountaineer Marketplace. Please allow time for this portion of this process to be completed when submitting your requests and scheduling your card pick-up date.

Note: Setting up Mountie Bounty may take a couple of weeks. 

Your request will be reviewed and you will be contacted with the cost. You must complete your purchase requisition through Mountaineer Marketplace for this card request and if your event cards will be using Mountie Bounty. Refer to the article Paying for Special Card Requests and Mountie Bounty in Mountaineer Marketplace for instructions.


This request is intended for WVU conference organizer/sponsor to complete. Individual attendees should not complete this form. All requests will be reviewed for legitimacy. 


 Charges are calculated on the following fees:

Set-Up and Design
Standard Design Template (review the Special Card Samples.pdf for the standard design options.) $100.00
Custom Designs (must be developed with the ITS graphic designer and meet WVU branding standards.) $500.00
Card Production 
Door access programming (per/hr) $50.00
Number of cards per print station (based the type of card required for the event.) 
0 - 99 $25.00
100 - 199 $50.00
200+ $75.00
Additional print station fees (per machine)  $25.00
Type of cards (based on the type of access that these event cards will be used for.)
Mag stripe only (per card) $3.00
Smart cards (per card) $6.00
Normal business hours
0 - 99 attendees $25.00
100 - 199 attendees $50.00
200+ attendees $75.00

View the Paying for Special Card Requests article for steps to pay for this service and to set up Mountie Bounty through Mountaineer Marketplace.


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