Mobile Reader


Use this service to borrow mobile readers for events. Mobile readers allow you to track attendance and/or restrict participation to a designated group of WVU affiliated students or staff.

The readers have card swipe attachments that allow you to swipe a WVU ID card or you can enter the WVUID number of individuals who may have forgotten their ID card. Custom reports can be produced after the event showing directory information (name, email, etc.) for attendees

There are a limited number of readers and they will be loaned on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Submit a ticket to begin your request. 

Need a report? please submit your request using the Mobile Reader Event Reporting service.


Your event must be WVU sponsored, have wi-fi internet access (mobile hotspots can be checked out if approved) and all attendees must have a WVUID card to be tracked. Please note that if others attend your event, alternate methods of collecting their information would have to be provided.  


There is no charge to borrow a mobile reader for your event. If you are interested in purchasing a mobile reader, a technician will contact you to discuss available options and mobile reader licensing information.