Temporary Key Cards


Many residents of WVU residence halls use their Mountaineer Cards to gain entry to their buildings and/or access their rooms. When residents misplace or damage their cards, temporary key cards can be loaned to them by front desk staff at their respective residence halls. These key cards are not always returned by the resident or are returned damaged. Residence hall staff may use this service to request that the ITS Service Center print replacements of these lost or damaged key cards.

Additionally, Conference Services issues key cards for residence halls, Property Management issues key cards for apartment residents, and various WVU departments request key cards for short-term Visitor door access. This service can also be used by these departments for requesting lost or damaged key card replacements.

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This service is intended to be used only by WVU residence hall front desk staff, Conference Services staff, Property Management staff, or building access controllers for requesting a replacement of a lost or damaged key card.


The department will be billed $30.00 for each replacement card they request. Note: Visitor cards are to be issued on a short-term basis and should be returned after the duration of the Visitor's stay. Failure to return this card will result in a $30.00 replacement charge per card to the issuing department.


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