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iClicker is an audience response tool that makes it easy to track attendance, increase participation, facilitate quizzes, measure performance and get more out of your classroom. Student responses are instantly recorded, and grades can be synced with eCampus.

As an instructor, you can choose from two different software versions: iClicker Cloud and iClicker Classic. Visit the iClicker Information for Instructors article for software comparisons and downloads, training guides, and other iClicker resources. 

Submit a ticket to request an instructor iClicker kit or request iClicker support.

  • Instructor iClicker Kits: Kits include an instructor remote, student remote, iClicker base and USB power cord. You will need a kit if you want students to respond using an iClicker remote, as opposed to their smartphone or laptop. Select your WVU campus to determine your pickup location. You have seven business days to pick up your kit. If you don't pick up your kit within seven business days, your request will be canceled.

  • iClicker Support: Enter a description of your problem. Include any error messages or contextual screenshots that might be helpful in troubleshooting your problem.

Note: HSC instructors will not be able to sync iClicker scores with SOLE, because it's not supported. However, they can download scores and manually enter them into SOLE, or use eCampus instead. 


Any WVU Instructor on any WVU campus can request an iClicker instructor kit.


There is no charge to request or use this service.



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