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Most WVU technology systems require the use of an employee’s legal name, including those related to payroll and travel, and legal systems of record. What can appear in each system is based on compliance requirements and vendor support for preferred names.

The WVU online directory supports preferred first and last names. Office 365 supports preferred first and last names for display name and email addresses in first.last format. The display name is how your name appears on email messages and in the address book.

MIX supports preferred first and last names for display name only. MIX does not have the ability to display email addresses in first.last format. Setting a preferred name for email, however, will not change your WVU Login username.

To request a preferred first and/or last name for email, submit a ticket. You may also use this service to ask whether a preferred name is possible in a particular system.

Until this feature is available more systems, employees can personalize their email signatures in Outlook. For MIX (Gmail) accounts, faculty and students can follow the steps to change their names or use the signature feature to add personal pronouns

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Any WVU employee with an active Login account may use this service.


There is no charge to use this service.



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