Services (10)

Add Department Laundry Funds

Request laundry funds be applied to the specified employee.

Add User to Onity

Use this service to add a user to Onity.

Amazon Web Services Account Request

Use this service to request a new or close an existing Amazon Web Services account.

Azure Subscription

Request or close an Azure subscription.

FTP-Depot Account Request

Request access to FTP-Depot for data transfers. Only technologists who would need access through this service should use this request.

MorphoTrak Access

Submit access requests for the MorphoTrak system. You may request up to 5 individuals to be added or removed.

Other Administrative Account General Help Requests

Request administrative access to other WVU administrative and student data systems such as DBA, CUFS, eSEI, Metalink, OEM, OIM, Parking and ROADS.

STAR INB, SSB, ARGOS or Workflow Account Requests

STAR accounts requests or requests to modify a user’s STAR INB, SSB, ARGOS or Workflow security

StarRez Access and Support Request

Use this service to request or revoke access to the StarRez system for employees and to request support for the StarRez system.

Unix Account Request

Request access for login to Unix servers hosting a wide range of computer-based services.