Telephone and Voicemail

Submit a ticket to request telecommunication services or report phone issues.

Services (14)

All Other Telecommunications Requests

Submit a request for general telecommunications assistance. Funding is not required for general questions or assistance, but additional services may require a fee.

Conference Calls and Accounts

Request a conference account to host calls with eight or more people or to provide unique, secured call-in numbers.

Connect Voicemail to Email Address

Request to connect your voicemail to your email address.

Modify Speed Dials or Office Phone Expansion Modules

Make changes to speed dials or Busy Lamp Fields on your office phone or make changes to the layout of an expansion module (Side Car).

New Telephone and Voicemail Account

Request a new campus telephone and voicemail account.

Reassign Telephone and Voicemail Account

Request that an existing account be reassigned.

Report a MAP Reconciliation Issue with IT Bill

Request assistance if you are unable to reconcile with MAP when accessing your bill.

Report a Suspicious Phone Call

Use this service to report repeated telemarketer calls or calls that you believe are showing a fake caller ID.

Request Access to IT Bill

Request to add or change access to an IT Bill for new or existing users.

Support for Call Centers

Request software or systems for your campus call center.

Telephone Identification Number (TID) or Calling Card for Long Distance Calls

With a TID or Calling Card, you can make business-related international distance calls and send faxes from your office phone or fax machine and have the charge billed appropriately.

Telephone Problems or Repairs

Request repairs for your work phone or assistance with general phone issues.

teleVoicemail Password Reset

Submit a request to have your existing voice mailbox password reset.

Update or Change in Phone Service

Request updates or changes to your unit's phone service and billing information.