Paid printing services including special format printing, WVU stationery, copier management service.

Services (5)


Students and employees with an active Login and a sufficient Mountie Bounty balance on their Mountaineer ID cards can print at a variety of locations across campus by uploading a document to a secure web site or by sending the document by email to the address appropriate to the type of printing desired.

Network Printers and Konica Minolta Copier Service Request

Use this service to request assistance with a Network printer or a Konica Minolta copier.

Poster Printing

Large-format printers capable of generating output with a width of 3 feet or more and a length of more than 10 feet are available in the Evansdale Library Computing Center.

Test Scanning Request

Any WVU instructor can use this service to submit a request for a test scan. Only scans recorded on NCS Pearson 30423 scantron forms will be accepted.

WVU Stationery

Order WVU stationery or business cards.