Outlook, MIX and mailing list services.

Services (7)

Outlook Email Help

All faculty and staff at WVU are provided an Outlook email account through Microsoft's Office 365 service. Use this service to request help with your @mail.wvu.edu Outlook email.

MIX Email Help

Request help with your Gmail MIX account (@mix.wvu.edu).

Employee Email Request for Students

Request an @mail.wvu.edu Office 365 account for a student employee or other approved person.

Mailing List Requests

Request a new mailing list or support for an existing mailing list.

New Office 365 Shared Mailbox

Request a new Office 365 shared mailbox for use by your department.

Office 365 Shared Mailbox Help

Request assistance with an existing Office 365 shared mailbox.

Supervisor Access to Former Employee Email

The contents of an Office 365 email account are available for 60 days after an approved request. Requests for access should be submitted prior to the employee's departure. You must submit requests no later than 15 days after the employees departure.