Login Account and Duo Authentication

Submit a ticket for help with a WVU Login account or Duo authentication.

Services (9)

Duo Two-Factor Authentication Support

Request assistance for Duo, WVU's two-factor authentication application.

Login Account Activation or Reset Doesn't Work

Use this service to report problems activating or resetting your WVU login account. This request must be submitted by the account holder. The ITS Service Desk can only work with the user named on the account.

Login Account Request for Visitors, Guests, Consultants and Other Non-Employees

Request login account access for someone who does not already have a WVU Login.

Login Password or Account Reset

You can reset your own Login password or your Login account as a whole to resolve access problems.

Request a Preferred Name

Request a preferred first and/or last name, ask whether a preferred name is possible in a particular system or report an issue.

Request Authentication for a WVU Application

Request a specific type of authentication to be used with an application at WVU.

Duo Two-Factor Authentication Help (Unable to Log Into Site to Submit a Ticket)

Use this service if you are unable to authenticate using Duo, WVU's two-factor authentication application (for example, after getting a new cell phone).

Identity Management Application Request

Use this service to request for application work on the ITS Identity Management System. This service is not intended for access requests, general use or help assistance.

WVU Online Directory Corrections

Request corrections for information displayed in the WVU Online Directory.