Administrative & Business Requests

Systems and resources that support business and administrative functions.

Categories (7)

Application & Database Administration Requests

Request a localization, patch, or general database or application administration support.

CRM System Requests

Request assistance for the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Business Information Requests

Request assistance with MAP (Mountaineer Administrative Processes), TMA or access to Data Miner.

MyTime, MyExpenses & MyHR Requests

Manage leave, report hours, update contact information.

Project Management Requests

Request a new project with the ITS Office of Project Management and Planning.

Purchasing Requests

Mountaineer Marketplace, IT purchasing approval, eCommerce.

Reporting Requests

Request a new, modified report or report an error/bug with an existing report in Data Miner, MAP, Argos, WVU+kc and IDEAS.

Services (1)

Request to Collect Biometric Identifiers

Use this service to request to collect biometrics identifiers at West Virginia University.