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How to log into 25Live and schedule events, as well as the difference between Schedule 25 and 25Live.
How to create a new password if you forget it or need to change it for any reason.
How to get authorization for and log into Banner Document Management Suite (BDMS).
Automatic log-off problem in ApplicationXtender caused by pop-up blocker settings.
Difference between STAR (or Banner) INB and STAR (or Banner) SSB.
Information about the Banner 9 upgrade.
Java Information for BANNER INB, Workflow, and BDMS.
Security certificate warning in WebXtender.
Access Banner Workflow through the WVU Portal.
A list of student and course campus codes.
What to do if you receive a Java security alert while accessing STAR INB.
An overview of how to share folders or access shared folders in Office 365, including links to articles with instructions specific to Outlook for Windows, Mac and Outlook Web App.
Frequently asked questions about the Award Initiation module of WVU+kc.
How to view award notices for PIs outside of your college/department.
Workaround for the 404 error in Kuali Coeus.