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Important information about Amazon Web Services Accounts.
Common questions and answers regarding general research topics.
Find support for REDCap.
Details about the protocol submission process.
Frequently asked questions about submitting human subject research protocols to the IRB via WVU+kc.
Research Development acronyms for Kuali, eRA, Blue Sheet, Green Sheet, WVU+kc and IRB.
Follow these steps to submit your annual disclosure of conflicts of interest in research at WVU.
Track the routing and approval status of proposals and protocols submitted in WVU+kc.
How to access protocol data in BRAAN.
How to convert an IRB form to .pdf to add a watermark.
Check if protocol is pending approval by PI, department chair or radiation/biosafety officers.
If a clinical trials registration is submitted by someone other than the Principal Investigator, it will come to the PI for approval. The principal investigator can edit the document to review or update content and then grant approval on the COE Actions page.
Survey ownership can be transferred from one Qualtrics account to another. Surveys and other files in Qualtrics accounts from external institutions can be transferred to WVU accounts with approval from the other institution. Survey owners can export and import surveys manually.
Fix for WVU+kc system undergoing maintenance error.
Basic information on using Qualtrics, an online survey tool available to all current WVU students and employees.