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How to get a phone for your residence hall, set up long distance calling, and get repairs for your residence hall phone.
Information about Cisco Unity Connection personal greetings, including how to rerecord your current greeting.
How to forward all calls from your Cisco VoIP phone to another number.
Benefits of using a VoIP phone, information about long distance service, and how to get a VoIP phone.
Steps for placing a conference call and conference account information.
Steps for installing and signing into Cisco Jabber for a Mac computer.
Steps for installing and signing into Cisco Jabber for Windows.
List of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) FAQ.
Information on telephone repairs and work requests.
Telecommunication policies, information and user manuals.
Direct dialing telephone numbers with on-campus phones.
How to make calls from a Cisco phone, including business-related international calls.
What to do if you have an updating error for your Cisco phone.
Link to manual for Cisco 7961 VOIP phones.
598 phone numbers are supported by Ruby Memorial Hospital.