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I used to submit tickets using the SSM Work request system, PRS system or PRMS system. Where can I submit my ticket from this portal?
Acronyms used by ITS.
How to quickly view your grades through the WVU Portal.
Find resources for the applications you can access through Outlook on the web.
How to remove an incorrect or mistyped email from the Outlook App on an Android device.
Instructions on how to set up automatic forwarding from @mail accounts to @mix or @hsc accounts.
How to set permission levels for email messages and view confidential messages.
Office 365 email users have the ability to send and receive encrypted messages.
Information about Gaussion purchasing and installation.
How to delete browser cache for Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.
Information about Mountie Bounty, WVU's convenient debit plan for students and employees.
Learn about the purpose of Turnitin and how to request an account.
Researchers must be aware of the risks of handling and storing sensitive data
How to know when an email is sent from the IT self service site.
Adobe products available through SLIC.