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What to do if you receive a blank correspondence letter in WVU+kc.
A list of the recommended browsers for WVU+kc and what to do if you cannot access WVU+kc in one of the recommended browsers.
Information about accessing CITI training, what to do when trainings are not displaying in WVU+kc and where to ask questions regarding CITI training at WVU.
Frequently asked questions about submitting human subject research protocols to the IRB via WVU+kc.
You can search for development or institutional proposal documents by choosing a search option from the Proposals menu in WVU+kc.
How to create and submit a registration for your clinical trial study in the WVU+kc application.
Registration with the Center of Excellence is required for all clinical trials on the Morgantown campus that meet the NIH clinical trial definition.
In order to provide accurate data regarding center research activity at WVU, the Research Office has set forth the following guidelines for establishing awards in the WVU+kc (Kuali Coeus) electronic research administration system and the MAP financial system. These guidelines must be followed for any center that is already designated as an official WVU center or any center that plans to apply to become an official center.
The Group Reporting functionality in WVU+kc will allow users, particularly grant administrators, to run reports for a group of different investigators.
Versioning of an award occurs when a change is made to an award that does not involve receiving new money.
Descriptions and definitions of the transaction types used in WVU+kc.
Overview of the information sections on the Award Notification form for researchers.
Overview of the WVU+kc Award module procedures for viewing award information.
Frequently asked questions about the Award Initiation module of WVU+kc.
How to view award notices for PIs outside of your college/department.
Workaround for the 404 error in Kuali Coeus.