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How to access and troubleshoot MyReports.
MyTime reports provide summarized and detailed information.
I used to submit tickets using the SSM Work request system, PRS system or PRMS system. Where can I submit my ticket from this portal?
Purchase information for departmental and personal computers.
Most services require you to have an active WVU Login account to submit request forms. There are some public forms, however, that do not require an active Login. Learn how to submit public forms and receive an update on the status of your ticket.
How to set up the Authentication/Account Track for a departmental printer.
Learn how to refine your search results for the Service Catalog and Knowledge Base.
How to check the status of your ticket(s) in the IT self service site.
Helpful links to help you with your ITS supported computer.
You can opt out of the ITS nightly reboot by disabling the "WVU ITS Daily Computer Restart" through the Task Scheduler. These steps are for Windows 10.
Information about Power Management Plans and how to change power management settings for Windows and Mac computers.
Learn how to install a network printer.
The Software Center is located under Microsoft System Center on the Start Menu (for Windows 10).
Self Service is located under Applications on a Mac.
Learn how to connect to the WVU Encrypted wireless network with Windows 7.