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Email templates are sent automatically to the shopper to confirm an order or alert the shopper to a credit card failure. These templates can be customized for your store.
Both charts and reports display information about the sales of your products and events.
Information about Adobe Creative Cloud software for WVU students, faculty and staff.
Steps to update your Unifier password or challenge questions.
How to access the Unifier Facilities and Services application, how to contact the Company Administrator, and where to find Unifier training documents inside the application.
How to make calls from a Cisco phone, including business-related international calls.
Facilities support information.
Have a question about the WVU Directory? Start with the WVU Directory FAQ.
How to update your personal information (for WVU employees).
Software licensing information for AMOS.
Information about SPSS purchasing and installation.
How to get Microsoft Office training through LinkedIn Learning.
Information about MATLAB installation.
Troubleshoot an IP address being blocked when searching the WVU online directory.
Faculty and staff must request access to download the schedule of courses.