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An overview of how to share folders or access shared folders in Office 365, including links to articles with instructions specific to Outlook for Windows, Mac and Outlook Web App.
How to remove an incorrect or mistyped email from the Outlook App on an Android device.
Instructions on how to set up automatic forwarding from @mail accounts to @mix or @hsc accounts.
How to set permission levels for email messages and view confidential messages.
A "light" version of Outlook Web App is available for users who need a more accessible client, have a low-bandwidth connection, have browser problems with the full version, or who need access to special setting options.
Information about Outlook account size limits, how to check your account size and locate large messages, and ways to save messages outside of Outlook.
Learn how to request an Office 365 account for student workers and GAs.
Adjusting the time zone in Office 365 to show correct calendar times.
Steps to resolve database corruption for Outlook 2016 for Mac.
Outlook for Windows is set to not display images in messages by default. Directions for changing this default are available in this article.
If Outlook closes unexpectedly, run a command line to restore the previous session.
If you suspect that the Outlook Data File is corrupted, you can recreate it by disabling and then re-enabling Cached Exchange mode.
Learn how to change your junk email settings for Office 365 Outlook.
Directions for MIX Gmail users wishing to connect to their accounts through installed Outlook clients
Find out why you are missing an Office 365 account and how to request it.