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Instructions on how to set up automatic forwarding from @mail accounts to @mix or @hsc accounts.
How to forward incoming emails from your student Gmail account to another email account.
Learn what to do if MIX email prompts you for your password.
What to do if when you try to access your MIX Gmail account, you are taken to the Gmail account of someone else.
Learn about Google Mobile.
Directions for MIX Gmail users wishing to connect to their accounts through installed Outlook clients
What to do if you're receiving bounced emails from a MIX Gmail address (
Email quota for student MIX Gmail accounts.
An instructor's email to a student's MIX account may sometimes be flagged as Spam, causing the student to miss an important communication. It is a good practice to add a filter to your MIX Gmail account to prevent an instructor's email from ever being flagged as Spam.
Learn how to connect your MIX (Gmail) account to a mobile device.
How former students should access MIX Gmail.
Have a question about your MIX Gmail account? Start with the MIX FAQ!
MIX users may configure Outlook to connect to their account.