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Versioning of an award occurs when a change is made to an award that does not involve receiving new money.
Overview of the WVU+kc Award module procedures for viewing award information.
This guide provides an overview of beginning and saving a new proposal, as well as each section of the document that must be completed before submitting the finished proposal.
Details about the protocol submission process.
Instructions for several actions that can be taken over the lifetime of an active (approved) IRB protocol.
How to add and update protocol and proposal personnel to the WVU+kc system.
How to log in and access your documents as a shared user.
Steps to log into WVU+kc and what to do if you are unable to log in.
This article presents a quick-guide version of the necessary steps to disclose any conflicts of interest in research.
The Personnel page of the Internal Grant document contains areas to add information about the Principal Investigator, Co-Investigator, and a Unit Administrator Contact.
The Internal Grant page is where researchers must provide general identifying information about the IG document including the proposal type and the project title.
How to complete the Budget page on the WVU+kc Internal Grant application form.
When submitting an amendment or renewal for Proposal Development or IRB Protocol documents in WVU+kc, you will be required to complete any questions that have changed or been added to the Questionnaire page of the document since the original submission.