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Steps for finding the IP and MAC address on a computer with the Mac operating system.
Most services require you to have an active WVU Login account to submit request forms. There are some public forms, however, that do not require an active Login. Learn how to submit public forms and receive an update on the status of your ticket.
Learn how to refine your search results for the Service Catalog and Knowledge Base.
How to check the status of your ticket(s) in the IT self service site.
View the scheduled maintenance times for TeamDynamix, the vendor for the this site and the ticket and project system used by technicians.
What to do if you're denied permission to the request link from the IT self service site (TeamDynamix) ticket creation email.
How to log into the IT self service site.
A list of the supported browsers for the IT self service site.
Acronyms used by ITS.
Learn more about WVU's identity management system and how to use your WVU Login credentials.
Learn how to get a temporary Login account for a guest, consultant or vendor.
View answers to frequently asked W-2 questions.
How to create a new password if you forget it or need to change it for any reason.
Follow these troubleshooting steps if your Login account continually locks.
A variety of resources compiled by the ITS Training group that support WVU systems, applications and tools.