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Information and guides for GradeSync in eCampus.
How to create a new password if you forget it or need to change it for any reason.
How to log into the Student Cancellation System.
West Virginia University policy on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
Users should select 'Organizational account' when signing in to SharePoint Online to avoid receiving a "That Microsoft account doesn't exist" message.
Learn how instructors can track student activity in eCampus.
Information about eRS, the eCampus course request system for faculty.
What to do if a course you are teaching is listed as unavailable.
What to do if you do not see the courses you are instructing in eCampus.
How to log into Open Education and where to get support if you need help with Open Education.
After a semester is completed, only instructors may access an eCampus course.
Steps for copying a gradebook from one class to another in eCampus.
Learn about the purpose of Turnitin and how to request an account.
Steps to access STAR using Firefox, Google Chrome or a Mac computer.
When logging into STAR from the WVU Portal, the standard links are not showing.