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How to create a new password if you forget it or need to change it for any reason.
West Virginia University policy on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
Find resources for the applications you can access through Outlook on the web.
Users should select 'Organizational account' when signing in to SharePoint Online to avoid receiving a "That Microsoft account doesn't exist" message.
How to remove an incorrect or mistyped email from the Outlook App on an Android device.
Instructions on how to set up automatic forwarding from @mail accounts to @mix or @hsc accounts.
How to set permission levels for email messages and view confidential messages.
The HSC Service Center provides printing and copying services to students, faculty and staff.
Information about printing posters and other large prints.
Learn about the purpose of Turnitin and how to request an account.
Office 365 email users have the ability to send and receive encrypted messages.
Track the routing and approval status of proposals and protocols submitted in WVU+kc.
Steps for finding the IP and MAC address on a computer with the Mac operating system.
Steps for deleting a wireless network from an iOS or Android device.
HSC users will not be able to view their Office 365 or SOLE emails in the WVU Portal.