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An introduction to the WVU Portal and answers to frequently asked questions.
How to delete browser cache for Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.
Learn how to enable mixed content to fix issues with eCampus.
How to disable all browser plugins.
How to use a browser's compatibility mode.
A list of the supported browsers for the IT self service site.
Steps to access STAR using Firefox, Google Chrome or a Mac computer.
What to do if you're denied permission to the request link from the IT self service site (TeamDynamix) ticket creation email.
How to ensure your information is protected when accessing the WVU Portal using a shared computer.
Learn how to access DegreeWorks through the WVU Portal.
Configure your Apple or Android mobile device to the WVU.Encrypted network.
The list of Point of Contacts (POCs) and their departments (for instructors only).
How to find the wireless MAC address for several wireless devices.
How to create a new password if you forget it or need to change it for any reason.
How former students should access the STAR system (for example, to view their transcripts).