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Instructors can integrate instructional tools with eCampus to provide additional functionality for their courses. View this article to see a list of integrated instructional tools with links to guides/resources.
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Links to information about software licensing for Microsoft products.
Information about SEIs for Spring 2021 courses. Instructors can determine when they will gain access to modify their surveys and the deadline for adding questions.
Information about SEI report availability
Tips for creating, deploying, and managing surveys when using Qualtrics.
Basic information on using Qualtrics, an online survey tool available to all current WVU students and employees.
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Use Anyone links in Office 365 to share files from OneDrive, Groups, SharePoint Sites and Teams.
If you can't get MAP to open, check your Java version and follow these troubleshooting steps.
If you are unable to open the frmservlet.jnlp from MAP, confirm Corretto and IcedTea are installed.
Information about using VoiceThread, a cloud application used to share and discuss media.
How to resolve common problems when using SharePoint.
The Software Center is located under Microsoft System Center on the Start Menu (for Windows 10).
Information about Shared Services, a one-stop shop for human resources and financial management services.
Learn how to complete the Lease Payment form for leases approved by WVU's Real Estate Office.
I used to submit tickets using the SSM Work request system, PRS system or PRMS system. Where can I submit my ticket from this portal?