Recording Course Sessions


eCampus feature Collaborate Ultra allows instructors to record sessions for courses.

Multiple recordings are permitted during one session. If you have decided to continue recording a session after you have stopped, a new recording is saved and added to the list of recordings for that session. Only instructors can record sessions.

Note: Allow twice the length of the recording time for processing and rendering time.

To record:

  1. Login to eCampus.
  2. Select the desired course.
  3. Open the course menu.
  4. Click Collaborate Ultra.
  5. Open the Sessions menu,
  6. Click Start Recording. The recording camera will appear on screen with a red dot while recording is in progress.
  7. If you are sharing a file, allow 8 seconds for the recording to include the shared file before moving on.
  8. To finish recording, open the Session menu and click Stop Recording.
Recorded sessions are saved as MP4s. Recordings include activity in the live session.
  • Audio
  • Any content shared or active speaker video. If both are shared during the session, only the content shared is recorded.
  • Captions entered during the live session or added later by a moderator. Only one caption track is available. If your session had more than one caption track. Only the first available one is captured.
  • Chat messages in the Everyone channel. Private messages and chat messages in breakout groups are not recorded.
  • What is said or viewed in a breakout room isn't captured in recordings.
  • Content shared in a breakout group is not available when breakout groups end. Consider suggesting attendees record their collaboration in some way if needed. Example: A screen capture of anything they have shared and collaborated on.
  • If no one is left in the Main room the recording will stop.

To locate Recordings:

  1. Login to eCampus.
  2. Select the desired course.
  3. Open the course menu.
  4. Click Collaborate Ultra.
  5. Open the Sessions menu.
  6. Click Recordings.
The recording player has the same look and feel as your Collaborate session. There is a Recording menu like the Session menu in your live sessions and recording playback controls.

To download recordings and transcripts:

Note: Instructors must allow session recording downloads for each session.

  1. Open the session's Session Settings.
  2. Check the box Allow recording downloads. Any recording made in this session can be downloaded while downloads are allowed.

You can download recordings and transcripts from the recording player Recording menu.

  1. Open the Recording menu, near the top left of the page.
  2. Select one of the options:
    • Download Recording.
    • Download (CC) Caption transcripts
    • Download Chat transcripts.


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