Add Mobile ID Attendance to an eCampus Course


Faculty can view and track student attendance in a course in eCampus by integrating the Mobile Attendance tool into a content area in your class.

Add Mobile ID Attendance to an eCampus Course

  1. Log into to access your existing course. Click on a course title where you are an Instructor or Course Builder.

  2. Navigate to a Content Area or other page in the course.

  3. On the content page, click (or hover) on the Tools drop-down to see the menu of options.

  4. Click on More Tools to see additional options.

  5. Click on Mobile Attendance to select the Mobile ID tool. A new page will open where you can provide a name and description, and set options for the tool.

  6. The Link Name field (required) will already be populated with Mobile Attendance. You can edit the field to change the name if desired.

  7. Optionally, enter a description of the tool link you are adding to the Text field.

  8. Select Options to: make the new tool available (or not), track the number of views, or set date restrictions.

  9. Click Submit at the bottom to add the Mobile Attendance tool to the content page.

  10. The instructor (and students) can now click on the link to view attendance records for this class.

  11. Your students will be able to view their own attendance record using this tool. Add the tool link to a content area or to the course menu, where students can see and access the link.

Note: Make sure that Edit Mode is turned on for this course to allow you to add Tools to a page.

Note: The link will open a view of this course‚Äôs attendance records in a new tab in your browser.


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