SPSS Installation and Registration


If you have a previous version of SPSS, you must remove it before you can install the newer version. You will also need to have an internet connection at the time of registration. If WVU is experiencing internet or network problems, this will cause you to have problems installing SPSS. 

Serial numbers and authorization codes:

The Serial Number is the product serial number listed on your license certificate. Your authorization codes are the long codes also on your license certificate; each will consist of a combination of lower case letters and numbers. You might have more than one code if you licensed additional SPSS products in addition to the Base product.

How to access missing options:

If you are missing any of the following Options, you need to enter in the license codes that allow you access them:

  • Missing Value Analysis
  • Tables
  • Trends

Access the SPSS Wizard by navigating to your Start Menu. Select Programs to view a list of your recent programs or search for "SPSS License Authorization Wizard." Select the SPSS Wizard, which will allow you to enter additional license codes provided on your SLIC certificate.

Customer Support:

If you are having problems with your SPSS license, submit a ticket to ITS.


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